Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa (Moringa Oleifera) is a plant with amazing health benefits.

Benefits in a nutshell

Moringa Powder contain the following Vitamins and Minerals.

Vitamin A essential for Eye health

Vitamin C Help fight infection

Minerals such as Iron, Calcium, Potassium in addition a rich source for protein.

It is an antioxidant (slows down changes due to ageing) Reduce Cholesterol . Moringa is used to  reduce high Blood pressure and reduce Blood sugar.

How to Use

Moringa leaf may be used, to make a tea, or in soup or simply added to any any dish to increase the nutrition value without changing the taste to any significant degree.

Side effects and Toxicity

There is no known side effects or Toxicity

How supplied

Price quoted is /lb. we can supply as a one time sale item or at periodic intervals (weekly or monthly)Moringa leaf


Unit of Sale

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